DropBox + Symboliklinker – how to put folders on DropBox without moving them

I guess everyone knows about DropBox, if you don’t know hat I’m talking about, please, do yourself a favor, go here and subscribe. When you want a folder to be on dropbox, usually, you have to move that folder in the dropbox folder. That’s not so pretty for me, can we avoid this step and have everything ordered as usual on our HD in Mac OSX?

Yes, we can! No, I really mean it, it’s not some useless sponsor this time. The smartest people among you must have already tried to do the trick in Mac OSX by creating Similinks. Well, the problem is that they do not work for dropbox: if you create a similink of a folder and put it in the dropbox folder, only the similink is uploaded, what a bad attitude.

So the solution is downloading this free tool: Symbolic Linker. It’s a pretty neat piece of software, once it’s installed, you’ll see a new entry in the right-click menu in Finder: “Make Symbolic Link”! So, all you have to do now is right-click on a folder you want in your dropbox account, make a symbolic link, move that link in the dropbox folder! Every file contained in the folder will be uploaded normally. This way you don’t need to move your files from where they are 😉


  1. What a cool trick! :)
    I never thought I could upload only the symbolic link to Dropbox.

  2. This is actually the same thing you usually do under Linux. :)

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