So, what is this place? Basically, a Blog.

Italian: Cosa è un Blog?
English: What is a Blog?

It’s a place where I’d like to share with the world my knoledge, that little that I have, my art, my toughts and so on. Many people will not agree with some of the opinions I’ll write here, but that is it. Opinions. Every one has got a different opinion on many things, so, don’t even bother flaming, I don’t like this primitive and very stupid kind of communication.

Who am I? Well, the first thing starting a discussion of any kind is presenting yourself, so…
Call me The DarkMaster, who knows me and has any reason to know me for real knows exactly who I am. I don’t see any real reason to say here my real name, you never know! ;=)

I’m 26 years old, born on December 1980, Sagittarius.
I hate superstitions, people claiming themselfs as being saints, mages and any other kind of esoteric things of that kind. I hate exstremism of any kind, both comunists and nazis and any other kind of this political excessions…. but I also have a lot of friends of this strange sides of believing. I’m agnostic, if God exists we can’t know it and we can’t even imagine how he could ever be. But I never insult someone else’s God and I really hate people who use to insult other’s people Gods…. this is one of the most incivilian behaviour for an intelligent being.

I like soft Music, Soundtracks of horror, scientfiction, fantasy movies, but I also listen to some Metal once in a while. I love Role Playing Games, some kind of Video Games )Specially fighting games, role playing games, racing). I use to spend my time creating things of any kind and learning as much as I can about new techniques to create new kind of things. For example, I love to create mini-games, screenmates, screensavers, drawings, specially with computer graphics, I also created a lot of Role Playing Games of my own. Maybe some of them are now going to be published here in Italy.

I’m a fanatic of Japanese Comics and Animation (Manga and Anime) and I’ve got an extraordinary huge collection of manga and anime. I’ll be talking a lot about the animes I see or the mangas I read.

Oh yes, I’m Italian! I’m actually living in Pavia. I’m a Civial Engeneer and am studying to graduate in Architecture and Building Engereering here in Pavia.

I’m an informatic amateur, I love Linux on any manifestation of its forms. Any distro is just wonderfull for me :) I really love free software. I’m very interested, at the moment, in new kinds of interactive futuristic kinds of desktops for Linux, such as Beryl and Metisse. You’ll see a lot of these things in that blog.

And yes, another question you may ask… why do I write in english? A lot of people can understand english, the same cannot be said for Italian. So, since everyone who’s got a computer and is able to use google is also able to read and write in english (Or it should be so), I’ll write most of my posts in this language. Only posts for a specific Italian audience will be written in my first Language!

Have a nice stay here!


  1. are there any naruto ones

  2. Hi geubuntu developer. My name is Jonathan Naumann (vandango) and i’m alumnus of the E17-Team (bug-fixing, theme development (the Japan2007, Clean and the Slate Theme are from me), etc.). Furthermore i’m the owner of the ebuntu.org domain (currently the domain relocates to your geubuntu domain). If you want, you can use the domain and the name for your project page and for the distrobution (i’m not the owner of the name, only of the domain). My mailadress is jonathan@toenda.com – write me a email for more information and for contact.
    Best regards vandango

  3. hi thedarkmaster :) please contact me at IM(Jabber – quaker@jabbim.cz , MSN: quaker6667@hotmail.com) or e-mail: quaker66@gmail.com .. i am also often at IRC – #opengeu channel. I created packages of complete E17 CVS version + thirdparty modules(extramenu, itask, itask-ng, exalt-module, wilist-ng, trash) + thirdparty apps(exalt..) + detour-theme-pack deb. The packages are for Debian Lenny or Ubuntu Hardy(compiled on Ubuntu Hardy)

    P.S. sorry for my bad english. It’s not my native language, i am Czech.

  4. i have packages for both amd64 and i386.
    here is the list of the packages: http://easylinux.pastebin.com/f372a69c2

  5. If you need free hostin for iso check out ibiblio.org !!!

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