My Wikipedia Articles – I miei Articoli della Wikipedia

This page is just to link you to the Wikipedia Articles I wrote. You know, writing articles for free is okay but I just like to let people know it’s been me the one who wrote them :)

Questa pagina seve solo a ad elencare gli Articoli della Wikipedia scritti da me. Logicamente, scrivere articoli gratis va bene ma mi iace che si sappia che li ho creati io :)

Sega (Console Software house, once Hardware house)

Sega Dreamcast

Dreamcast Gamepad

Cha Cha Amigo Controller


VTech V.Smile

V.Smile Pocket

Maialino Pancia a Tazza

Sabayon Linux (Solo qualche modifica)

Kororaa Linux (Solo qualche modifica)

(EN) OpenGEU (there was a little article already but it was strongly impartial, I rewrote it entirely)

(IT) OpenGEU (un articolo striminzito era presente ma era anche di parte per cui l’ho riscritto da zero)

Since Wikipedia is very modular and evolutionary, some of this articles may have beenlightly modified during the passed time, but, as much as I know, there hasn’t been any considerable change (For example, a change I noticed is in the Dreamcast Article. I didn’t put there the part called “The Legend Will Never Die!)

Visto che la Wikipedia è molto modulare e tendente ad evolversi in fretta, alcuni dei miei articoli potrebbero essere stati leggermente modificati nel tempo ma, per quanto ne so, non ci sono state importanti o radicali modifiche (Ad esempio, ho notato un cambiamento nell’Articolo sul Dreamcast. Io non avevo inserito la voce “The Legend Will Never Die!”)


  1. Luca,

    Sorry to communicate with you in this manner, but I was unable to find a direct email address for you. I work for a company called Open Invention Network (OIN) that was set up in 2005 specifically to promote and protect Linux. The principal investors are IBM, Sony, NEC, Red Hat, Philips and Novell plus a growing number of Linux Distributions that have taken advantage of a “free” OIN license to OIN’s portfolio of patents and to the Linux “related” patents of the investors above and the other Licensees. Check us out at the following website . As a developer and distributor of OpenGEU, an OIN License should be of interest to you and if you will send me a direct email address, I will send you more information.

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