Trust Flex Design Tablet on Mac OSX – How to make it work!

UPDATE: after some suggestions from my readers (thank u guys!), I recommend you to go to this page and download the CyberTablet 12000 driver for MacOSX! That will work great with Photoshop and any other program, enjoy! 😀

The Flex Design Tablet by Trust is a really neat and cool graphic tablet I’ve seen yesterday on a Saturn store in Assago (Milan). It’s produced by Trust and it’s a small and portable graphic tablet, an ultra thin model, made from some sort of soft rubber material, similar to a simple mousepad. The moment I’ve seen it in the store I was tempted to buy it. Lemme see the price… what?! Only 25 euros?! Man, it’s mine… wait a minute. The box says it’s compatible with Windows only. In these days?! Is this possible? Not really.

I already own an Intuos 3 A4 Oversize which is really huge, I planned to buy a Bamboo but since this Trust tablet looks soo cool and is so cheap and portable I just decided to give it a go: I did a nice move, now I have the ideal tablet to use on the move with my MacBook Pro when I’m not at home. Even if it was not considered compatible with Mac OS, I thought that it was just impossible. Usually, any device works plug and play on a Mac, if it doesn’t, it’s just an easy to solve driver issue (and, usually, you don’t have to cry for days on google to find a way to install your drivers like in Linux). So I just bought it. Let’s see what we are talking about:

Key features

  • Stylish, ultra thin and space saving tablet with 155 x 120 mm (6 x 4.6 inch) working space for picture editing, freehand drawing and other graphic applications
  • Paper thin design with anti-skid bottom for a comfortable and ergonomic position of your hand, preventing excessive straining
  • Small, lightweight and energy efficient design: ideal for mobile users
  • Including ergonomic wireless 3 button pen with 1024 step pressure sensitivity
  • Advanced software for drawing and editing pictures included
  • Fully supports Windows 7 & Vista advanced tablet functions, such as pen pressure sensitivity, and converting handwriting into digital text.

Package contents

  • Tablet
  • Pen
  • 2x pen tips
  • Pen-tip removal tool
  • USB cable
  • 1x AAA battery
  • CD-ROM with software
  • User’s guide

System requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • USB port

Once at home, the tablet indeed worked plug and play, apparently: the screen size was exactly the same as the active area on the tablet, it could be used like a mouse, buttons where all working, I just had to to turn PhotoShop on and see how well the cheap tablet performed. It didn’t work at all in PS: only some points here and there where drawn and there was no way to draw a normal brush stroke. Not to mention the impossibility to have pressure sensitivity. I was surprised, in ArtRage the table worked but with no pressure levels… actually, pressure levels where random. Well, I bought it already and I simply never give up on software issues. There had to be a way to use the Flex on a Mac.

That’s how my google search started. It took the whole yesterday evening to come to a solution. It’s true that Trust has no support for this tablet on a Mac and it’s true that, if you try to contact them via mail, they’ll just tell you that you had to read the box better. But there’s a driver out there which will  transform the tablet in a perfectly Mac OSX compatible device! You just have to go to this page and install the driver for the CyberTablet Z7, an Adesso tablet! The Flex will work like a charm, with full pressure levels support and all the rest, making you happy!

I really had an hard time finding a solution and there’s no blog post, for as far as I’ve seen, able of explaining how to solve this problem! It’s incredible that the Trust support won’t help a customer solve this small issue, since a driver’s out there indeed. There are pieces of information in various forums but nobody will tell you which model of tablet is supported and which driver you have to download. All I can imagine is that this CyberTablet Z7 has some hardware similarity with the Trust Flex Design: surely there’s nothing looking more different in the world, really, the two tablet look definitely very different from each other, though the driver works and that’s all we need to know! Isn’t it? So, if you find the Flex Design Tablet in a store near you with a very convenient price and you just need a starter tablet to draw, or an extra one to bring with you in any damned place, man, this is probably the tablet you’r looking for!


  1. Forgive me for asking here, but, is OpenGEU dead!?! Maybe you could post an update over at that website? Thank you.

  2. Thank You for your detailed Is very helpful.i Saw this tablet in helsinki prisms supermarket.the Price is even cheaper…

  3. Hi,

    could you please let me know which version of Photoshop are you using? I have CS5, I have installed the driver and it still does not work. I would appreciate any help.

    thank you

    • No problem, I’ll help you, I use PS CS4 but I don’t think that’s the point. I had a doubt because I installed two drivers. First, did you restart your computer? A full restart. If not, please do it and tell me if the problem’s solved.
      If this didn’t work, try downloading and installing this driver:
      Then restart the Mac and tell me if it worked! If it did I’ll need to change the article 😉

  4. Really good news! Welldone job, I’ve directly download the drivers, even though I haven’t a mac and the tablet, but probably i’ll by both of them 😛

  5. It’s the second one

    Thanks for the post, it was very helpful!

  6. Hi,

    Firs of all, Thank you for this tip. And for your own question whether it was the first driver or the second which you cave in your reply. The first one was the one that didn’t understand pen pressures at all, but the second one ( did the trick.

    I got this tablet for christmas and my PC crashed completely so I’m forced to use OS X. Thankfully someone had cracked this problem.

    But as always, there is a BUT :) I’m using external display because my macbook’s 13″ display is a bit too small for Photoshopping and because of Steve I have to use my external display as an extended display. If using mirror option, macbook wants to use it’s own native resolution for external display as well. And now, my pen tablet thinks I am using all this space, but I’m not. My macbook is hidden under the table and I only use the external display. Therefore I’m able to use only half of the active area of the pen tablet.

    Any ideas how I could get around this? Settings didn’t help. There was no option to correct this issue as far as I figured.

    • Thanks to you too, unfortunately I have no experience with external monitors… Sorry!

    • I had a similar problem with my dual displays.

      I run a 23″ wide screen main monitor and a 19″ square second monitor

      With both on the Flex sees the whole desktop (both screens as the area to cover)
      When drawing with the Flex, I select the display driver to turn the second monitor off. ATI Catalyst Control Centre has the option of presets so I have single and a dual option modes and switch between them. There may be an option with the MAC OSX to choose which monitor to use and turn off the unused one.

  7. Hi I just bought a Bamboo tablet & now I feel bad because I did not know this existed… does Bamboo have any advantages over this? I feel so stupid because I thought I had no options @_@

    • Well, Wacom tablets are the best among the best, they should be better at almost every part of the drawing. inclination, for example, should be much better perceived with a bamboo tablet. As for pressure sensivity there shouldn’t be any major difference… both 1024 levels. Is your bamboo touch too? This is not touch, for example…

      • Hi I was thinking to Buy a Bamboo one but after i’ve see the Trust one i’ve fall in love and i’m on my way to buy it, for the bamboo one’s i’ll tell you that exist the version Touch and not.

        Obviously the touch one is not cheap at all, and is very large, but i ask you people a thing, the bamboo ones ary so better than the trust? is it recommended to keep one of them at home? instead of using the mobile-trust model?

        Ps i’m not Eng so my eng is really awfull i’m sorry -_-

        • I’m not ENG too, don’t worry 😉
          Anyway, if you are a real professionist, with years and years of experience in digital painting and drawing, a Bamboo Wacom is always slightly better than any other tablet. If you are a rookie, like me, I don’t think you’d ever notice a difference. Also, when drawing with this tablet you can feel some sort of very soft scratch under the pen. When working on a bamboo, the surface is totally smooth.

  8. I find this driver:

    The Q-pad is identical to the Flex Design!!!!!! The driver works fine!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks guys i managed to get a trust tablet today £24.99 from Maplins I have downloaded drivers that you have found, will try it later today. Many thanks MD

  10. Has anyone tested this tablet on a Mac in Lightroom 3.2? I’m thinking of buying one to use mainly in Lr where I do most of my work. Any experiences, comments?

  11. Hi, Great thread, has anyone tried to install on Linux? At first plug and play but had trouble with the sensitivity so tried to configure in GIMP and now only acts as a mouse to point and click. no drawing functionality at all. Help?

  12. Will this work for the wacom Volito 2 tablet? cause i just got one and it’s only really working as a mouse, and a bad one at that as the only thing it can do is right click and open up dashboard, which is very annoying!

  13. has anyone found a driver for this that works in Illustrator? None of these drivers seems to enable pen pressure with caligraphic brushes – the option is still greyed in as it is with a mouse…

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing your tip, this is the best way to interact with my MAC !



  15. Brilliant. I imagine that a lot of these tablets are similar behind the scenes. The driver you pointed to did the trick. A quick question though… In Windows there is a utility that lets you change various settings such as what the buttons do and pen sensitivity. Is there anything similar that I can use on the Mac?

  16. Thanks, this blog has saved me from buying a more expensive tablet just for Mac compatibility!

    My tablet arrived today, £16.99 from Plugged it straight in and it worked but was buggy, installed the Q-Pad driver, restarted and it’s working just as well as my old broken Bamboo. The only thing I need now is to be able to change the button functions, anyone know if it’s possible to right-click drag at all?

  17. Hi,
    Has anyone got this working under 10.7? It used to work fine under 10.6 but the driver doesn’t seem to work under 10.7?


  18. I have developed a mac driver for various Waltop OEM tablets. You can have a look at I tested it with a Hyperpen Mini and Hyperpen 12000U from Aiptek (rebranded Waltop as well). Give it a try and get in contact if you have further questions or ideas for improvement.
    It registers as a plug and play tablet driver with the system and supports pressure as expected from a stylus.

  19. Many thanks for the info on the Trust Flex Design Tablet. Bought one for my son at Christmas and forgot to check the Mac compatibility! Completely stupid to not include Macs these days – especially when most people in graphic design use them! Paul

  20. Ciao,
    ho un problema non riesco ad usare la penna grafica che ho appena acquistato (FLEX design Tablet) su photoshop CS5 nel computer mac.
    Quando faccio per disegnare mi compare un rettangolo giallo dove posso lavorare ma non me lo importa su photoshop.
    come devo fare?
    grazie mille

  21. Hello,
    I have a problem I can not use the stylus that I just bought (Flex Design Tablet) on your computer mac photoshop CS5.
    When do I get to draw a yellow rectangle where I can work, but I do not care about photoshop.
    how do I do?
    thank you very much

  22. Thank you so much for this post. I noticed it wasn’t Mac compatible and wondered whether it would work anyway. I have a 15″ Macbook Pro and I have just received my TrustFlex tablet in the mail and as you said, it worked straight out the box but not on PS as I needed it to. The driver you linked didn’t work and the link you gave to Silvia errored. I managed to make it work by going to the site adesso side and finding the drivers page for tablets ( ) and downloading the mac drivers for CyberTablet 12000 and doing a full restart. I hope this now helps others.

    could you please let me know which version of Photoshop are you using? I have CS5, I have installed the driver and it still does not work. I would appreciate any help.

    thank you

    silvia said this on November 15, 2010 at 7:48 am | Reply

    No problem, I’ll help you, I use PS CS4 but I don’t think that’s the point. I had a doubt because I installed two drivers. First, did you restart your computer? A full restart. If not, please do it and tell me if the problem’s solved.
    If this didn’t work, try downloading and installing this driver:
    Then restart the Mac and tell me if it worked! If it did I’ll need to change the article 😉

    thedarkmaster said this on November 15, 2010 at 1:40 pm | Reply

  23. Not works on mac os x 10.7.3 on macbook pro 15″, can u help me? any new driver?

  24. it seems working with adesso cybertablet z12 mac 10.7… but thanks anyway.. i’ll ty that too..

  25. Love ya! I was just going to return the purchase when I found your solution so I’m keeping it thanks to you… AWESOME

  26. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you’re using?
    I’m experiencing some minor security problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any solutions?

  27. Hi,
    I particularly love your thoughts on Trust Flex Design Tablet on Mac OSX
    and of course I will be back again.. Thank you.

  28. Hey Buddy, I’m thinking about getting the trust flex for my mac but im wondering if these drivers will work with sketchbook pro 6. is this something you know the answer too?

  29. thanks a lot

  30. I just received my one from ebay – I read your post a decided to give it a go. I´m a mac user, and at that price I had tot ry. Thank you so much for sharing the procedure – it works excellent! :)
    Have a nice day.

  31. Thank you very very much!!! You made my day!! :))

  32. Great!!! I was undecided to buy fot my MacBook Air… after finding your blog post I decided to buy it ! ! !
    tomorrow I’ll try it and maybe add some more comment…

  33. Flex flex works with photoshop cs5?it.s compatible? And good conditions?

  34. It took me forever to find this driver but… the Trust Flex Design Tablet works beautifully (pressure included, no “dots only” issue) on a mac with OSX 10.7.5 and Photoshop CS5. You need to download this driver here and re-start your mac:



  36. it doesnt work, it always thinks i am right clicking and on photoshop it clicks and makes a mark when i touch the pad but once i drag along to draw a line nothing happens? please help.
    osx mountain lion

  37. I got it to work with the gm pad driver ! thanks so much you dont even know how happy i am!

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  39. Hi, I was wondering, have you tried the table on Mac OS 10.8.* ? The page you link to for drivers seems to support only versions till 10.6.

  40. This is fab – this blog saved my life when I first got the tablet. I’ve just reinstalled my mac, and panicked when the Adesso links no longer worked.

    Turns out, they’ve just upgraded the drivers to v2.13 instead of v1.75, which also includes an update which handles multiple monitors perfectly!

    – Run the install (including a reboot).
    – Once back up and running, go to Applications > Pen Pad
    – The second panel (‘Mapping’) allows you to specify where the tablet is mapped to. I hit Monitor 1 and I’m good to go :)

    Thanks again :)

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  43. Aaaah, the Adesso site seems to be down, and I just got a new mac with Mountain Lion so my old drivers will no longer work. Is there anywhere else I can download them from?

  44. Hi I am running mac 10.8 does anyone know if this driver works for it with this graphic tablet?

  45. hi there i have just got it haven’t even opened it yet and i have cs6 and i have mountain lion could you tell me if there is a working driver that will work asap

    • hi, I would like to buy it too but I too have photoshop CS6 and the last version of ios (OS X version 10.9). do you thik it will work?

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  47. THANKS YOU!!!
    The Adesso site is down. 404.

    But the link
    Still woks!


  48. It works beautifully as a mouse, and in Photoshop CS5 the sensitivity to pen pressure is great. One tiny problem — and I feel like this is from me being a technologically inept Neandertal — I can’t draw lines in Photoshop. I can only make dots. I reset the tools and whatnot but otherwise I have no idea what to do about this. Any ideas?
    BLESS YOUR SOUL for this post, by the way. If it weren’t for you I would’ve sent my Flex back once I found out it wasn’t Mac compatible.

  49. Thank you so much!!!! Exactly what I was looking for! Really appreciate it!!!

  50. Hey there! Installing the Q-Pad Driver from (Support->Drivers Download) solved my problems with the tablet (just dots, no pressure sensitivity) on OS X 10.8.5. Hope that helps!

  51. EXCELENTE! i download de software, plug in my tablet and VOILA! it works great inclusive de pen pressure. 100% recomended

  52. dear all, I am interested in getting the same tablet but I have a mac with OS X version 10.9, and I am currently using photoshop CS6… will it work?

  53. Oh my god, thank you so much. I got a MacBook Pro like two weeks ago and I would really like to buy this tablet but I was worried to give out the money and then it wouldn’t work.
    Fortunately I found you blog.
    Thank you so much for all the information!

  54. Hello there.

    I’m not using mac, however, I must say that I have both the trust and the adesso and it’s not true that they are different, in fact, except for the painting, they are exactly the same product, they are made in the same factory in china, the only difference being one is ‘branded’ for trust and the other for adesso. Probably the walltop one is the same thing also.

    My problem though is that I would like to map one of the buttons to something else than the right click or left click… middle-click would solve my problem as I could remap it with ahk.

    It’s kinda dumb in my opinion that you can only map the buttons to left or right clicks… at the end you only have one usable button because the left click you obviously already have.

    Perhaps a geeky saviour would enlighten us :). Some ugly hack is needed urgent! 😀


  55. Hi everyone,
    I don’t understand. I have this tablet (Trust Flex) and I’ve downloaded the software cybertablet as you put on the link, in order to use the tablet on my Macbook pro. But it won’t change anything. When I plug the device to my computer, it reacts: some fonctions work with the stylet, but some other functions don’t work. For ex, on Photoshop, it doesn’t work at all. The brush doesn’t work, most of the essential functions don’t work, and it makes the software fail, it blocks and bugs it. I have to force the escape.
    How come the tablet/stylet don’t work?… :(
    Can it really work well on a Mac??

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  57. nicole fahrendorff

    has anyone used this with cs6 ? this is the version i have and before i purhcase i would like to know if it would work ? HELLPPP

  58. Very helpful. I had an old Trust tablet from before I went over to Mac, and it seems to work fine on OSX 10.6.8. Thank you
    But how do I adjust things like the sensitivity? I see no settings anywhere.

  59. Is it still working on OSX 10.10 ? Thanks

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  61. this is amazing it helped so much, however, you may need to change a setting in system preferences to get the link to work, and don’t forget that the pen has a battery!

  62. Hi, I’m using El Capitan and had no luck with the cybertabletz7-mac-v1.1 driver mentioned at the top of the post so went back to the Adesso tablets page here:

    And downloaded the Cybertablet Z8 driver

    Which works fine and also includes a handy application called PenPad that allows you to configure the tablet and check that pressure is responding.

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