Darkmoor Roleplaying Game, Kickstarter campaign live now

Darkmoor RPG is a new italian Roleplaying Game by Acchiappasogni, already creators of Musha Shugyo RPG, the tabletop Arcade fighting game (available on Drivetrhurpg right now). It’s a very peculiar fantasy game, with a self-deprecatory setting filled with weird creatures, incredible places and Gilds. You can back it on Kickstarter by clicking here and choosing a Reward.

It plays and feels like a shonen manga or anime: fights are extremely fast, with special and super moves. In fact, Darkmoor keeps the Musha Shugyo fighting game core but expands everything else with a solid roleplaying system. In Darkmoor, you’ll be able to customize every aspect of your character: Race, Class, Background, even the Character’s Picture are used to boost up your actions, as long as you can describe how they help you succeeding in your actions!

And since the resolution is decided by a system called Oracle, which answers with fiction elements rather then mere “successful / unsuccessful” results, everything can change from one moment to another. The Guide (Game Master) gets suggestions on how to go on with his adventure every time someone testes the Oracle.


If you’d like to know more about the setting, which is somehow composed of a number of suggestions and only few real setting elements (letting you create the rest following your own ideas), there’s a Webcomic online for you to read! And it’s really cool and funny, read it here:


Darkmoor has been inspired by Moof Games products such as Blackmoor and Maximus. They both play like great old-style Arcade Games with exciting gameplay and colorful graphics. Beat’em-up games lovers will instantly fall in love with Blackmoor and Maximus too for sure. If you never tried ’em, have a look at the following youtube video! Blackmoor is somehow a mix between Final Fight and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, while Maximus feels a lot like Golden Axe.

Rewards and Add-ons

Here’s a list of all the available Kickstarter Rewards, I linked them in a graphical version since it’s far better understandable. There are also plenty of Add-ons, you just spend the amount of money specified by the add-on, summed with one Reward of your choice.

If you are a fan of Mooff Games’ Blackmoor and Maximus, there’s a Reward where you get the upcoming 3D title Maximus 2, which will be released for Mac / PC and mobile platforms. Not only, there’s also an add-on that will give you exclusive skins for Maximus 2. Only Darkmoor RPG’s backers will get the opportunity to buy those skins! They’ll never be released anywhere else.





Book contents

In the Kickstarter page you can find a list of all the contents, I’m pasting it here for your convenience.


A few pages to explain what Darkmoor is, its mood and how it works, with a little summary of the most important mechanics. Dive into play!

PC Creation

The heart of Darkmoor! Here you will find:
– 38 Symbols you will use to customize your Techniques and your PC
– 5 ways of gaining SP
– 11 points to distribute in 5 Characteristics
– 14 Special Qualities to choose from!

What is it? Didn’t we tell you what Symbols, SP and Special Qualities are? Well, you’ll have to support us to find out!


Everything you need to know for playing NON-combat situations: the Oracle, who will never leave you and your Guide without ideas, Bonus Dice tied to every single different aspect of your PC (Race and Class, but also Background and… Portrait!), Roleplaying Bonus called by the Player – not by the Guide – and our loved Green and Black Jokers to reward your buddies!


Action Points, Symbols, Techniques, Super Moves, Favourite Symbols, Attack and Defence Dice. Though it might seem a lot of new stuff this is actually the fun part: the game system was born to be fluid, versatile, customizable and funny at the same time!


Darkmoor is great for one-shots, sure, but when you’ll see how easy levelling up is, you’ll never want to stop… And we mean it! Here you won’t stop at 10th, 20th or 250th Level! As every other element in Darkmoor, even your PC’s improvements, equipments and familiars are totally customizable!

Adventure Creator

Let’s stop the slavery of legions of masters and storytellers bowing on the desk to catch some bizarre ideas for a chunk of bread! Stand up! Darkmoor offers you a simple and funny way to create an enjoying adventure just using a handful of cards! Yes, average poker cards… Let your Guide play with them for ten minutes and they will become a mine of new plots, campaigns and adventures ideas!


Here you’ll find Stories, Locations, Guilds and Famous Characters of Darkmoor! Everything you need to breath the true air of tangled forests, clever cities and even the twisted smell of a nefarious dungeon!

NPC and Monsters

Here you’ll find a rich bestiary complete with rules for the Guide to create its own enemies and in top of that, a simple way to customize and create new attacks and spells on the fly!

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