Open a DropBox Account with 2.25 GB of space for free! (250 extra MB)

Usually, DropBox accounts can be created with 2 GB of free space. But you can easily get a new account with a bonus of 250 MB, that is 2.25 GB in total, for free, if you use a referral code. Here’s how you do it.

Just follow this link and activate a DropBox account normally. When you’ll install the DropBox application on your system, you’ll have a bonus of 250 MB! I’ll have a bonus too, of course, so you’ll help me a little too. There’s a limited amount of free space we can gain from this way of creating accounts, so please be quick. For a useful tip on uploading folders in DropBox without moving them, see this link!


  1. hi please open an acc wth drop box fro me today

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