Opens MyPaint's Website :)

Hallo everyone, this is the new MyPaint Website created and managed by me :)

MyPaint Home

There’s not much webdesign here, I just developed the header and header Picture, the rest of the theme is a wonderful RockingSuckerfish theme by  Rocking themes.

To what’s so special with this application, just download and try it. It finally gives us some hopes in the Painting Simulation Scenary for Linux and OpenSource in general. I love ArtRage for example but I don’t use it much because even if it is cheap, it is always proprietary so it is more a matter of ethics than anything else… then ArtRage needs Wine to run properly in linux since it is a Windows application… sure, myPaint is not yet at the high level of ArtRage but at least it is opensource and it is exactly yo make it become better and better in less time that I’m trying to push for its adoption and use :)

So please download it, use it and support it in any way!!! Visit the forums, donate to the project, money, code anything. The prospective of having a finally nice looking and working Painting Apllication for Linux is really too much to be ignored.


  1. hello,
    bravissimo MyPaint is a super good soft ! I use it with pleasure, the grafit’ pencil is the most realistic i’ve ever seen. But i am thinking to buy a tablet pc with an n-trig screen display. Do you think Mypaint and n-trig driver are compatible (pressure levels).
    Thanks again and good luck

    scuse my english i’m french.

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