In the last 7 days, Geubuntu reached the top in DistroWatch!!

Geubuntu rankings in the latest seven days

 Ok, please have a look at the above picture. It displays the ranking of visited pages in DistroWatch for any distro. You can go visit DistroWatch yourself and test this with your own mouse :)

Of course, with time things will change but, hey, this is an incredible Goal already. If we ask distrowatch to show us the ranking for the last 30 days, Geubuntu is in position number 12 but remember that Geubuntu 7.10 has been released on 06/12/2007 that is only six days ago!!

Ranking of Geubuntu in the latest 30 days

And on the popularity side it can deal with big distributions like Ubuntu, PC Linux OS Mint, Debian, etc. in the DistroWatch ranking system (based on how many visits does the distributions’s pages have). Imagine what could we reach in 30 real days 😀

Now, even if you look in the “Last 6 months” we are not in a bad position: 64 and we are on DIstrowatch from less than a week :)

Wonderful. Thanks to everyone who is supporting Geubuntu and please, if you want us to survive in this massive download-rate world, please help us finding someone able to host our isos or donate to the project so that we can buy the space we need to host the iso :)

Also, if you read the review in Distrowatch about Geubuntu, remember that it is incomplete and based on the old bugged iso. We released an emergency bug-fixed iso too, that is the one you can find in our site right now. Of course, if you install Geubuntu from packages, you won’t experience those bugs either. We already warned them about it, we’re waiting for a response 😉

Thanks a lot for the attention!


  1. Bella Dark Master 😉

    Complimentoni per il gran risultato! 😀

  2. Sono contento :)

    La devo provare :)

  3. I was not surprised.
    This is where it deserves,It is fantastic.

  4. Thank you very much Verdegal :)

  5. Hi! I looked at your website and you said you needed a free server for your downloads. Have you tried this site?
    I am not sure how well it will handle the traffic but it is worth a try. I am looking forward to trying out this system. Looks great!!

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